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Glory of Dukes Ostrozky. Victory in the battle at Orsha

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Our goals

To establish the tradition of restoration and celebration of victorious historical pages of our state. To draw parallels between the events of the past five hundred years and the present, raising in the public, political and cultural discussion the issue of the general public, scientists, experts and government officials of the countries that formed the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus – the role and place of Ukraine and the states of the region in a modern rapidly-changing world. To restore historical unifying values, to find common ground for the cultural development and prosperity of the peoples of the Intermarium (Mizhmor’ya)

Konstyantyn Ostrozky (1460 — 1530)

Victory in the battle at Orsha (The 8th of September 1514)

Mizhmor’ya (Intermarium)

is the concept of a partner bloc of states from the Baltic to the Black and the Adriatic seas.

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Public Events

Exhibitions and fairs, music and painting, folk games and presentations, conferences and round tables …

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